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Saturday 18 September 2021

Talakadu – Keerthi Narayana Temple

Thank you for joining me from Part I

As we walked on the hot sands, we were dead tired and wanted to return to our homestay. Suddenly a temple unfolded before us at a very great depth that was so eye-catching that we forgot all our aches and pains. Taking images of that temple became a race against time as the light was fading away and I also did not want to miss seeing the interiors of the temple.
Keerthinarayana Temple

Talakadu - In The Sands Of Time

The nearest places for weekend outings from Bengaluru are many but very few places shine with ancient historicity and a glorious past. So, if one sifts and chooses the right one, there is one such place tucked on the banks of the Cauvery River. Although it is hot and quiet, it beckons one who is interested in the glorious heritage of this country. So, if you are interested – do make a trip to Talakadu. It has a few homestays but nothing more to boast of.

 Cauvery river at Talakadu

Thursday 2 September 2021

Venkatappa Baavi - The forgotten well

After a long sabbatical, thanks to the pandemic, I am here again trying to connect with my writing side and hope I can hold on to your attention for maybe about 3 mins, for that's how long this article is. 
 Our Friday morning started off pretty comfortably, without the regular hectic agenda we usually pack into our trips. But after having to abandon our visit to the Vaali caves, due to an unfortunate leopard attack in the area earlier followed by the multitude of hurdles we had to cross to visit the megalithic paintings, (visit Meera's article here ) we were not sure what to expect at the Venkatappa Baavi. 
A view of the beautiful structure