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Thursday 23 July 2020

Sri Chamarajeshwara Temple - Musings Of A Divine Interference

Sri Chamrajeshwara Temple
Sri Chamrajeshwara Temple
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Tamilyomen

Long long ago, roughly about a decade and half back, I used to make an annual trip with my uncle to assist with his auditing work. My work was to cross check various calculations and other data verifications, data entry etc. and my incentive was visiting a new place each year. This was much before my peruse of our history and heritage and hence the conspicuous absence of any image in this write up.

So what is this article doing in this blog?  As I sat bundled up in my jacket, staring at the pretty determined rain outside my window that was going strong since morning,  I was reminded of one of my most memorable visits to a temple during one such auditing trip.  With the lockdown having pretty much turned spotted owlets into sitting ducks, I felt it may be a good idea to share this eventful visit with you.

Monday 20 July 2020

Bannerghatta Dolmens – The Need For Studies And Protection

By Meera

The dating of the dolmens of Bannerghatta is a bit hazy and they are said to belong to the early Neolithic period that is 4000 to 3000 BC. It is amazing how they have survived all these years on hills that are frequented by wildlife and humans and of course, stone thieves.  On a trail across the Doddibetta hill ranges, the existence of large herbivores and carnivores can be clearly seen.

A view of more Dolmens on the northern part of the hill
A view of more dolmens on the northern part of the hill

Bannerghatta Dolmens – The Ancient Face Of Bengaluru City

Searching for dolmens, menhirs and other very ancient structures has become a passion for me and Tharangini but it never struck my mind there was one in my own backyard. To my amazement, this is just about 25 kilometers from my place where once ancient people had resided and left the footprints of their existence in the nearby forests.

The first view of a Dolmen
The first view of a Dolmen

Wednesday 8 July 2020

Koodli Temple – An Ancient Story From The Verdant Malenadu

Situated in the heart of Malenadu, the ancient place of Koodli beckons one with its verdant paddy fields, areca nut plantations and shimmering sunsets. Driving through these regions, one soaks in the serene and hilly landscape that is teeming with water birds while in the fading light, the larks make their own songs heard mellifluously over the mesmerizing paddy fields.

Enroute to Koodli
En route to Koodli

Friday 3 July 2020

Lakshmi Narasimha Temple - The Man in the Long Coat And More

Though regular pooja happens inside the temple, the work of overzealous devotees who conduct their own mini poojas on the carvings outside,  has made them red and yellow. Incense sticks were also lit up right next to these carvings. Little did they realize that though their hearts were in the right place, their actions were doing more damage than good to the temple.

One unfortunate aspect with no escape from, are vandals. With initials and proclamations of love adorning certain patches, this temple has also attracted its share of defacing. But it is certainly doing much better than the Navalinga temple at Koppal where the vandals have been a lot more destructive in their efforts.

The man in the overcoat
The man in the overcoat

Thursday 2 July 2020

Lakshmi Narasimha Temple - The Jewel Of Bhadravati

After our rendezvous with Amrutheswara temple in the morning,  we reached Bhadravati by noon for a brief sojourn at the Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy temple. The modest temple with a rich history, tucked in the center of the town was abuzz  with the footfall of the morning worshipers  when we reached there. They were trying to finish their prayers, worships,  pooja and get the blessings of the lord before the temple closed for the morning.

Front entrance
Front entrance to the temple