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Monday 30 December 2019

Folk Heritage Museum Of Bhutan - The Bhutanese Way Of Life A Century Ago

I have seen many a museum in my travails and sojourns across the world. Some of them have been very vast, boring, lengthy, cluttered and complicated that it has put me to sleep. But a set of barns, farm fields, cooking pots and mud huts in a traditional house and that too in a capital city for showcasing the rural and cultural history of a young nation, triggered my interest.

Folk Heritage Museum of Bhutan

Friday 27 December 2019

Ilkal Saris - Beautiful Threads And Hand Woven Efforts

- Beautiful Threads And Hand Woven Efforts

My familiarity with Ilkal saris was limited to the rare visits to sari shops with my mother. A chance visit to Ilkal however gave me an opportunity to see the making of these beautiful threads in person and from a very different perspective. The dusty streets of Ilkal reverberated with  the rhythmic clanking of the power looms. But the primary interest was to find those few who were still married to traditional hand loom weaving. A few streets later an extremely modest and old house, that could easily be dated back to about 60 years or more, came into view.

Sunday 22 December 2019

Lambani Women

- A Memorable Noon With Their Colorful Culture

It was nearing 12 noon. We had been on the road since 6 am, after just a cup of tea. There was a distinct and collective growl in our stomachs indicating it was way past breakfast time and almost nearing lunchtime. Durganna and Suraj, who were both educating and introducing us to the flora and fauna of the terrain, Pompayya Sir, Meera and myself were just heading back from Talur lake towards Hagedhal, almost dreaming of a hearty meal . The dull December warmth was a soothing and welcome break from the cloudy skies of Bangalore.

Lambani woman in traditional attire
Mirrors, coins and all the paraphernalia of the traditional Lambani women costume 

Thursday 12 December 2019

Gangaramaya Temple

- An Amazing Abode Of Buddha

By Meera

If you want to see Buddha in every form and imagination and from every corner of the world, then make your way to Sri Lanka. Here he rests in peaceful contemplation for his followers and other believers to gaze to their heart’s content and wonder  at the artistic passion and dedication of the creators.

Gangaramaya Temple

Monday 9 December 2019

Magic Of The Evening Puja At Virupaksha Temple

It had been a long day of travel and birding for a couple of friends and me in Hampi. Though it was still early in the year, the afternoon heat had drained our energy and we were at a point of just dragging our feet around. But there was something more in store for us. An experience so different and so profound that even to this day when I close my eyes, the scene remains fresh in my memory.

Evening Puja at Virupaksha temple
The start of the rituals

Saturday 7 December 2019

Inspirational Women - The New Life Of Tribal Super Farmers

A bountiful of chilli cultivated  on unfriendly lands
A bountiful of chilli cultivated  on unfriendly lands

Albeit a harsh and dry land hidden amid scrub forests, a few women have strived to grow chilly, chia, tomatoes, beans and pumpkins which jostle with another relating the tale of their success in small parcels of land. Thanks to dedicated help from a wildlife conservation organization, a group of tribal farmers at Sollepura have reaped the benefits of their hard work after many years of toil. Once living amid the jungles of Nagarhole, they were relocated outside by the government but it took them many years to adapt to a new life.

Tuesday 3 December 2019

Kuruba Hospitality

- One Amazing Afternoon With The Nomadic Shepherds 

The Kuruba tending goats

It was a lazy afternoon one October when my friends and me had a chance to experience the hospitality of the amazing Kurubas - the nomadic shepherds of North Karnataka. They are a very interesting group of people, we were told and we were not disappointed. The sun shone lazily and the whole atmosphere was languid when we wandered into their camp. Goats and lambs were bleating away,  some feeding and some looking at us with drowsy eyes. I tried to step gingerly between piles of droppings trying to avoid them but soon realized with numbers on their side, it was an unwinnable situation for me.