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About us

Hi, I am Tharangini. It all started with travels, travels led to photography and photography led to writing. The passion comes from being able to connect emotionally to either places, travel experiences or the wonderful people who I could connect with during these journeys. In this endeavor with Meera here is an attempt to take you on these journeys with us with an hope you will be able to connect with it as much as we could. We are glad you are here.

I am also an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Practitioner and when I am not writing or photographing, I take sessions in EFT. You can find my profile on Fiverr here.

I do love sci-fi and movies too... 

Hi, I am Meera Bhardwaj. It all started with my passion for reporting which took me to different corners of the world but had no time to see and imbibe. But now I have the leisure and interest to see people and places with a new zeal and new perspective. If I can connect with nature and heritage intimately, so can others, I feel. And in this tumultuous and heady journey, I have the strength and company of Tharangini where both of us are discovering some places so beautiful and way out of the world that we would like to do it again and again. Come and join us in this captivating voyage where we show you some moving and some still images that are interspersed with words.

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