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Saturday 20 February 2021

Srirangapatna - Wellesley Bridge History

Once the Wellesley Bridge served the traveling public between Bengaluru and Mysuru, however, a new and bigger bridge was built across the Cauvery river in the 1960s. This bridge is now old and cannot handle heavy traffic and hence, a new bridge was constructed. Wild growth, lack of maintenance, strong water currents during monsoon, and water releases from the KRS dam have taken a heavy toll on the historical bridge. 

Wellesley bridge
A view of the new bridge

Srirangapatna - Wellesley Bridge

Our trip to the island town of Srirangapatna was although a big disappointment as we had gone in search of ancient temples and they all had been renovated alas in the modern style. However, the existence of an ancient bridge built during the British occupation using local engineering skills came as a big surprise. After going around the Srirangapatna Fort which was once the seat of Hoysalas, we hurried down towards the riverside on which this bridge still stood mute but spoke of an interesting piece of history.

Wellesley bridge

Friday 5 February 2021

Cambodia - The Faces Of Bayon

It was early morning and still pleasant when I along with our group set out to see Bayon, one of the last state-built temples at Angkor Thom complex. From any of the hotels where you are staying, it is easy to grab a Tuk Tuk and make most of the scenic surroundings as all the temples are just 2-3 kilometres away. Our guide who was at our hotel at 5 am itself, motivated us to leave early to escape the scorching sun. He informed us the temple complex was once the capital city of the great King Jayavarman VII during late 12th and early 13 centuries.
Angkor thom with walls, moats
Angkor Thom with walls, moats 

Cambodia –Bayon Temple

Travelling across the world, I have come across many structures and monuments, however, the most impressive of these structures have been from the Khmer civilization which traces its roots to India. There are no words to describe the Wat culture – I mean a temple in the Khmer language. Hundreds of temples have been found and dug in the Royal Kingdom of Cambodia over a period of 100 years. These temples had remained buried for many centuries with Cambodians not even aware of their own rich and glorious past.
The Bayon Temple
Outside face of Bayon temple